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With the ambition to expand the system of warehouses and services in all provinces and cities across the country.

Thủ tục nhập khẩu hàng hóa tại Việt Nam như thế nào?

What kind of procedure to import goods in Vietnam?

Import of goods in Vietnam can be understood simply as a type of importation of goods under a sales contract to Vietnam. After that, it will be sold domestically or used as raw materials for production. For example: imports clothes from Taiwan to Vietnam to sell at stores; importing beef from Japan to sell at supermarkets or big stores in Vietnam,…

Thủ tục nhập khẩu hàng hóa tại Việt Nam

Types of procedures for importing goods in Vietnam include:

  • Import for consumer business (goods are cleared at the border gate Customs Department).
  • Import for production business (goods are cleared at the border gate Customs Sub-Department).
  • Transfer domestic consumption from temporarily imported source.
  • Import returned export goods.
  • Business importation of foreign invested enterprises.
  • Transfer to other domestic consumption.
  • Import raw materials of export processing enterprises from abroad.
  • Import and create fixed assets of export processing enterprises.
  • Import raw materials from domestic export processing enterprises.
  • Import raw materials for processing for foreign traders.
  • Import processing materials from another contract.
  • Import raw materials for export production.
  • Input materials in tax declaration warehouse.
  • Import processed products abroad.
  • Temporary import of goods temporarily imported for re-export.
  • Temporary import of machinery and equipment to serve the project for a limited time.
  • Temporary duty-free import.
  • Other temporary entry.
  • Re-import of temporarily exported goods.
  • Goods in bonded warehouse.
  • Goods brought into the non-tariff area of ​​the border gate economic zone.
  • Other imported goods.


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